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Must do daily care routine for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies
Taking care of the health of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies can be both easy and fun. One must be aware of the puppy’s health and being alert helps one pick up on signs of health problems that the puppy may be suffering from.

• One must always maintain a health record for the pet for easy reference in cases of emergency. The pet’s medical history must be included in the record along with other essentials such as your contact information, details regarding your veterinarian, his contact information along with information regarding your pet sitter.

• The health of your dog starts on the inside with proper canine nutrition. Feeding your dog with food and treats which are of good quality and nutritious is essential. Foods which are difficult to digest for the Cavalier must be avoided in its diet.

• Keeping a track of the puppy’s weight along with his general physical condition is also essential. One must take an aerial view of the puppy’s health in order to determine whether the puppy is overweight, under-nourished or at a healthy weight. The most common cause of the puppy being undernourished is that it is suffering from parasites. This is fairly easy to treat and a visit to the vet can easily resolve such issues. Being overweight causes the heart and bones of the puppy to come under unnecessary stress. This must be avoided.

• Grooming of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy on a daily basis is a good habit. The daily brushing has two advantages; it will prevent any snarls on the puppy’s fur and also make it look shiny. Grooming also lets you keep an eye on any kinds of sores, rashes, and lumps or swelling, which may indicate other health problems as well.

• Any changes in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s behaviour such as loss of appetite, trembling, lethargy must be looked into. Inform your vet regarding the same and have him take a look at your dog. They might be symptoms of bigger problems the puppy may be suffering from.

• Let your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy get used to you holding his paws and bending them. This will make it easier for you to get hold of his paws and cut his nails regularly. An important thing to remember is that when taking care of his nails do not forget his declaws on his front feet. These declaws usually grow faster than the claws on his paws and need to be trimmed.

• The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are not born with teeth. The puppy teeth in their mouth start to come out at the age of 5 weeks. They are normally replaced by the adult set of teeth when they are 4 months old. The puppy teeth are usually swallowed by the puppies. This is not harmful for the puppy. Once the adult teeth have come out fully you must take care of them many times a week. You must brush these teeth regularly in order to avoid gum diseases or plaque. You can purchase flavoured toothpastes for your puppy in order to make it easier for you to brush his teeth.

• Exercise is essential for puppies, the same way it is essential for humans. You must make sure that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is getting his daily dose of exercise in order to stay healthy. By nature, Cavalier Spaniel puppies are energetic and happy. They love walking and playing catch, so make sure you do that with your puppy. Regular exercise is the key to prolonging the life of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Grooming Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Grooming your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not a very difficult task. Keeping his coat shiny and beautiful is fun and easy and it can go a long way in taking care of the dog.

• All puppies are unique and they must be treated as such. Not all puppies like the same grooming techniques and you must realize that. You must make an active effort to find out what your Cavalier King Charles puppy likes. Grooming preferences for the puppy might change as they grow older. The trick is to be patient with your puppy and more importantly be flexible.

• Start grooming your Cavalier Spaniel puppies at an early age. This helps them get accustomed to the idea of grooming. They won’t be puppies for all their life so that is okay, as their fur is still short when they are growing. Do not get frustrated and keep working on them. Offering them a treat after every grooming session goes a long way in terms of positive reinforcement.

• Basic grooming can be taken care of using a straight comb, a pin brush, a soft brush, a nail clipper and a shedding tool. It is not necessary to use all these products and you must carefully experiment with your Cavalier King Charles puppy in order to find out his preferences.

• Bathing for a Cavalier is not a daily affair. He needs to take a bath once in 6 weeks and he will still be healthy. It is important to groom your puppy before taking him for a bath. You must untangle his fur before getting in the shower as once their fur is wet it is not possible to untangle it easily.

• A lot of Cavalier owners have different views about whether to clip their fur or not. Quite a few of the Cavalier owners clip the dog’s fur during summertime and it gives them the look of a show dog. Those who oppose this believe that clipping makes the puppy’s fur thick and coarse in the long run.

• The Cavaliers have long and floppy ears. While this may make them adorable, it makes them dirty as well. The ears of the Cavaliers tend to accumulate a lot of dirt. It is essential to clear their ears when grooming them in order to avoid infections. You can use gentle ear cleaning solutions to take care of the ears. It is not a good idea to use a q-tip or any such sharp object to clean the puppy’s ears.

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